These are the hills where our dream was fulfilled.
It’s now
 time to share it.


We are in Costigliole d’Asti on the hill of Sant’Anna. In front of us, a sweeping view that encompasses the arc of the Alpine mountain range, from Monte Rosa to Monviso. At our backs a 19th century farmhouse known as the Cascina del Culunel, or “Colonel’s Farmhouse”  by the people of Costigliole.

The vineyards surround the farmhouse and meander down the slopes of the hill. Sant’Anna dei Bricchetti is located in this landscape that is so quintessentially the Monferrato, a place that Ruggero and Orsetta Lenti have long sought to make their dream come true: a winery where the Monferrato tradition meets innovation.



Ruggero and Orsetta have been married for over thirty years and have always shared a passion for wine and the Monferrato hills. In 2012 after a long search, they finally found the hill of Sant’Anna with its vineyards and the farmhouse. Sant’Anna dei Bricchetti was thus established and their dream fulfilled.

The first step was to recover the vineyards around the Cascina del Culunel, one of which was replanted in 2013. Today they cover an area of 5 hectares. Since the very first harvest, their goal has always been to work in full respect of the

wine-making tradition of the territory: the 7 wines from Sant’Anna dei Brichetti are all made with Barbera and Moscato, and exclusively with their hand-harvested estate grapes.

Ruggero and Orsetta work alongside with their children, Giulia and Giacomo, with the agronomist Piero Roseo, and the enologists Claudio Dacasto and Giuliano Noè – Monferrato experts, attuned to the identity which is the heart and soul of the winery’s philosophy.


Moscato Wine Festival 2016

On Tuesday, June 21, 2016, the fourth edition of the Moscato Wine Festival will be held in a truly special location at NH Hotel Collection Piazza Carlina in Turin. The event, sponsored by Go Wine, is an occasion to promote and appreciate Italian sparkling wines, particularly Moscato in all its forms and styles.

The wines of Sant’Anna dei Bricchetti near the Mole in Turin

Three wine shops of Turin that we love to visit and where you can find our wines. In this news we tell you our experience in three wine shops of the Piemontese country seat, having fun to match to each of them one of our wines .

Barolo&Friends Event in Berna, May 23, 2016

On May 23 from 2-8 pm, we will be participating at the Barolo&Friends Event of Berna at Schweizerhof Hotel. The event is being promoted by the Consorzio i Vini del Piemonte, and it will be an occasion to...