In 2012, we saw the vineyard hills of Sant’Anna dei Bricchetti for the first time. We immediately felt a special tie between this place and our dream of building a winery that could interpret the Monferrato by making both traditional and innovative wines.


The bottles that we have produced are the way we express our love for the territory, through the different nuances of the two main grape varieties of this land—ambassadors of the Monferrato, moscato and barbera. A few months after we finished restructuring the Cascina del Culunel, we wanted to add another language to help us tell our story of love and wine, that of art.
Inspired by the symbolic colors of Costigliole d’Asti, the municipality where our vineyards grow, and by the image of the countryside as interpreted by the artist Daniela Montrucchio, we have created a winery crest that now graces the façade of our Cascina del Culunel.

The artist summarizes our winery’s values in her design and illustrates them in her following words: “The design of the crest began with the desire to distinguish an activity that is closely tied to the love of the land, nature, and territory, thereby identifying the family for whom these values are indispensable. The central shield has a blue border and recalls the crest of Costigliole, affirming the importance of the ties to the territory and property of Sant’Anna dei Bricchetti, and indicating solidity and security. The stripes represent rows of vineyards, overlooked by Monviso in the background, seen from far away. The colors are earthy and represent love for the land of origins; brown is symbolic of patience and the tenacity to work in the vineyards, while the light blue of the stripes symbolizes water and fertility. The initials SAB are representative of the property name. The decorative elements outside the shield in stone-grey give the idea of stability and strength. Two grapevines give an allegory of life (one for white and one for red wines), and the grapes of the vines are symbolic of wellbeing and happiness.”


It is our personal tribute to Sant’Anna dei Bricchetti, a hill embraced with vineyards facing Monviso on the horizon; to a magical place that has allowed us to make our dream a reality; and to the wines we hold dear in our hearts.