Sant’Anna dei Bricchetti will participate for the second time to Barolo & Friends in Copenhagen. Børsen, the historical seat of the Copenhagen Stock Exchange and today one of Scandinavia’s most exclusive event venues, will host thirty Piedmontese wine producers on June 9, 2017. Visitors will al so find the best of Italian cuisine, offering participants an exclusive experience in the world of Italian excellence and fine quality.


Nizza è Barbera 2017 – 13 e 14 maggio, we will be there! Come to vist us!

Via Crova 2, 14049 Nizza Monferrato








From March 19-21 we will join ProWein in Düsseldorf.

We welcome you to stop by and taste our vintages!

Find us at  HALLE 15  –  BOOTH  B61  –  N. 10


In 2012, we saw the vineyard hills of Sant’Anna dei Bricchetti for the first time. We immediately felt a special tie between this place and our dream of building a winery that could interpret the Monferrato by making both traditional and innovative wines.


The bottles that we have produced are the way we express our love for the territory, through the different nuances of the two main grape varieties of this land—ambassadors of the Monferrato, moscato and barbera. A few months after we finished restructuring the Cascina del Culunel, we wanted to add another language to help us tell our story of love and wine, that of art.
Inspired by the symbolic colors of Costigliole d’Asti, the municipality where our vineyards grow, and by the image of the countryside as interpreted by the artist Daniela Montrucchio, we have created a winery crest that now graces the façade of our Cascina del Culunel.

The artist summarizes our winery’s values in her design and illustrates them in her following words: “The design of the crest began with the desire to distinguish an activity that is closely tied to the love of the land, nature, and territory, thereby identifying the family for whom these values are indispensable. The central shield has a blue border and recalls the crest of Costigliole, affirming the importance of the ties to the territory and property of Sant’Anna dei Bricchetti, and indicating solidity and security. The stripes represent rows of vineyards, overlooked by Monviso in the background, seen from far away. The colors are earthy and represent love for the land of origins; brown is symbolic of patience and the tenacity to work in the vineyards, while the light blue of the stripes symbolizes water and fertility. The initials SAB are representative of the property name. The decorative elements outside the shield in stone-grey give the idea of stability and strength. Two grapevines give an allegory of life (one for white and one for red wines), and the grapes of the vines are symbolic of wellbeing and happiness.”


It is our personal tribute to Sant’Anna dei Bricchetti, a hill embraced with vineyards facing Monviso on the horizon; to a magical place that has allowed us to make our dream a reality; and to the wines we hold dear in our hearts.


On Saturday, Nov. 26 and Sunday, Nov. 27th we have our debut at the Wine Market of Independent Winegrowers to Piacenza Expo. We’re excited for this great event, where we will have all our labels available for tasting.

For the sixth consecutive year, the FIVI (Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers) will be bringing together independent winemakers from all over Italy to this two-day event dedicated to wine, to those who produce it, and those who love drinking it.
Visitors can look forward to a journey through the different Italian denominations.
Over 400 winemakers will be telling the stories behind their wines, territories, and lives: the stories of vine growers and winemakers.

The Wine Market is open to the public. Hours are: Saturday from 12:30 to 19:30 and Sunday from 11:00 to 19:00.
Admission €15.00 (€10 for members of AIS – FIS – FISAR – ONAV – SLOW FOOD and for owners of the event ticket MareDivino 2016).
Two-day ticket: €25.00


From October 28 to November 1, the event “Barbera il gusto del territorio” (Barbera, the taste of the territory) returns to Costigliole d’Asti: five days dedicated to the most important wine of the Monferrato, Barbera.

There will be a rich program of events for wine lovers, who can come to discover all the secrets of one of the most important Italian wines with tastings, workshops, and encounters. 200 Barbera wines from over 100 producers will be the center of the show.

Our labels, representative of the different faces of Barbera, will be available for tasting at the Cantina Comunale of Costigliole d’Asti. They will tell the story of the excellence of this territory’s wines and land in the production of a wine that is so rooted in tradition, yet remains in continuous evolution.

In addition to our labels Barbera d’Asti Ricordi and Barbera d’Asti Superiore Bricchetti, you will have the chance to taste Sorsi di Emozione, our new sparkling wine made from barbera.


We are pleased to take part in a unique and exciting event with our wines on Saturday, October 15 called Cooking Art Show©. The event was created for the promotion and valorization of the fine arts and food and of the producers and products of the territory. It is organized by friends of Piemonte Terra del Gusto.

The creative flair of cooking meets the traditional art of painting at the Ristorante Les Petites Madeleines inside the prestigious Turin Palace Hotel. In collaboration with Piemonte Terra del Gusto, guests in the restaurant will get to assist in the Cooking Art Show©. It will be an evening of tasting, in which cooking and the fine arts alternate and fuse to inspire and delight.

Chef Stefano Sforza will prepare a dish for the occasion that will take inspiration from a painting by artist Dorella Gigliotti. The creations of both artists will be made on the spot, before the eyes of guests and participants.

At an event with such a high emotional and sensorial impact, how could the right wine pairing possibly be missing— with wines like Ricordi, Suggestioni,  Sorsi di Emozione?

• Pes-coj of autumn vegetables, cream of milk, and smoked almonds
• Fusillone Feliciti cooked in extract of mushrooms, toma cheese fondue, honey, and hazelnuts
• Prime beef of Fassone, red potatoes in Alpine butter, and braised Savoy cabbage
• Shortcrust pastry, yogurt, vanilla-infused tomato, fennel in rum, caper flowers

The dinner begins at 8:00 pm and costs €45 per person, wine included

Turin Palace Hotel: +39 011.0825321


Saturday, October 15 we will be Rossorubino guests for the whole day. This wine shop is in the heart of Turin, in Via Madama Cristina 21, close to the Valentino Park.

From 11 to 19, visitors to the shop will be able to taste our labels and we will tell you a story about our dream come true of Barbera and Moscato.
For the occasion, we will be serving Sorsi di Emozione, our brut sparkling wine made from 100% barbera, Moscato Secco Suggestioni, Barbera d’Asti DOCG Ricordi, and our Moscato d’Asti DOCG.

See you there!


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